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The Versatility of Turkey Tail: There’s so Mush This Mushroom Can Do!

Turkey tail mushrooms are unquestionably one of the most beautiful mushrooms around with gorgeous varying colors and a unique shape. They don’t just look good though, they’re also good for you! 

You’ll gobble up all these fun facts about the versatility of Turkey Tail mushrooms when it comes to supporting your health. Whether you’re looking to support your immune system or digestive health, Turkey Tail mushrooms can help you!*

What are Turkey Tail Mushrooms? 

These gorgeous polypore mushrooms are multi-colored, with bands of red, white, blue, gray, and brown, depending on the variety. The beautiful colors of these mushrooms, paired with their unique, feather-like shape is where they get the name “Turkey Tail.” 

Turkey tail mushroom’s scientific name, Trametes Versicolor, reflects the appearance of these mushrooms. “Trametes” translates to “one who is thin” while “Veriscolor” translates to “of a variety of colors.” 

These mushrooms grow in clusters on trees and fallen logs in wooded areas. They are native to Europe, Asia, and North America. For centuries, turkey tail mushrooms have been used by the people in the places they are indigenous to for their myriad functional benefits.* 

The Versatility of Turkey Tail Mushrooms in Traditional Herbalism 

Turkey Tail mushrooms have been used in traditional herbalism since the 14th century by health practitioners. Over 120 strains of Turkey Tail have been used in Chinese herbalism for purposes like digestive tract support, immune system support, liver health support, urinary tract support, and upper respiratory tract support.*

While Turkey may be delicious to eat, Turkey Tail mushrooms are too tough to be palatable. To get all of the important, active compounds out of Turkey Tail mushrooms, health practitioners would brew the mushroom into a tea and serve it to clients. 

The Versatility of Turkey Tail: Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits* 

After over seven centuries of use in traditional herbalism, it’s clear that Turkey Tail mushrooms have some incredible health benefits. Whether you’re looking for gut health and digestive support, immune support, or stress support, the versatility of Turkey Tail mushrooms will amaze you. 

Gut Health and Digestive Support*

Consuming Turkey Tail mushrooms can support your gut health and digestive tract.* Turkey Tail mushrooms contain prebiotic fiber which feeds and supports the healthy flora in your digestive system.* 

Much of your immune system resides in your gut, so by supporting healthy flora in your gut, Turkey Tail mushrooms also support your immune system, helping you stay balanced and healthy.* 

Immune Support 

Turkey tail mushrooms contain two polysaccharides, PSP, or polysaccharide peptide, and PSK, or polysaccharide K. Both of these polysaccharides have been shown to promote a healthy immune system.*

By supporting the T cells that connect the body’s innate and adaptive immune functions, PSK promotes a healthy response to unwanted invaders.* PSK also supports antibody production by B lymphocytes, which helps you stay healthy.*

Occasional Stress Support* 

Turkey Tail also has adaptogenic qualities which means it can support healthy responses to occasional stress.* These qualities enable your body to resist occasional stress, promoting balance in your body.* 

Love the Versatility of Turkey Tail? 

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