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The Most Important Things to Know About Mushrooms for Working Out*

The strong and fit among us are always in search of the next best thing to support their performance on the track, in the saddle, or on the mat. Mushrooms for working out are really popular right now, but using some of them to support healthy energy and stamina is actually nothing new.*

For decades, athletes in China have used Cordyceps as part of their training regimen, and now athletes in the West are taking this mushroom, too. And, traditional herbalism in China has leaned on Cordyceps mushrooms for energy for centuries!* When it comes to mushrooms for working out, Cordyceps is definitely our top pick.*

Cordyceps, The Best Mushrooms for Working Out*

Cordyceps has been one of the most beloved herbs used in traditional Chinese herbalism for hundreds of years. Modern researchers have confirmed that Cordyceps adaptogenic properties, immune support, and more.* (Curious about Cordyceps uses? Here are 5 to know.)

Cordyceps militaris is native to the East Coast of the US, where you can find it growing on moth larvae. Not to worry though: Our Cordyceps are 100% vegan and organic!  Over the last few years, we’ve refined our growing and cultivating techniques, and became the largest Cordyceps militarismushroom farm in the Western Hemisphere — and the only one that’s Certified Organic.

Here’s why Cordyceps are such popular mushrooms for working out.* >

  1. Can support athletic performance.* You might hear Cordyceps called “the Olympic mushroom.” That’s because a group of Chinese athletes cited their use of Cordyceps for their medal-winning success. We do have to note: Taking Cordyceps will not turn you into a professional athlete! You still have to put in the work.
  2. Supports healthy lung capacity and oxygen uptake.* Cordyceps can help support healthy levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, and it may support a healthy respiratory system, too!*
  3. Supports cellular energy and endurance.* Cordyceps can uniquely support your body’s production of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the body’s building block of energy for most of your cellular processes.*
  4. Supports the body’s natural metabolic systems.* Cordyceps is rich in a compound known as cordycepin, which is chemically similar to the molecule adenosine. This compound can support numerous physiological processes in your body, including metabolism.*
  5. Helps your body manage occasional stress.* Cordyceps is an adaptogen, meaning that it supports your adrenals and your body’s natural response to occasional stress.*

6 Tips for Using Mushrooms for Working Out*

Want to try using mushrooms for working out — but not sure where to start?* Here are some tips for integrating mushrooms into your daily habits.

  1. Add a serving of Cordyceps to your morning green juice.
  2. Or try it in your post-workout protein shake. It’ll blend right in.
  3. Want more than just Cordyceps? Add Daily 10 to a tropical smoothie, or stir it into vanilla Greek yogurt.
  4. Are you a tea or coffee drinker? You can drop some Cordyceps or Mush 10 right in. (If you love cinnamon, you might want to try our Lion’s Mane for cognitive support. It has cinnamon in the formula.)
  5. Feeling bold? Take your tincture straight-up, washed down with a swig of water.
  6. Did a workout leave you feeling amped up at night? You might want to try our Reishi tincture to support relaxation.

Ready to try mushrooms for working out?* Try our Cordyceps militaris tincture, made with organic Cordyceps we grow ourselves that are double extracted with hot water and organic cane alcohol.

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