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Possibilities for Mushrooms and Mental Health: What You Need to Know*

Learn About the Possibilities for Mushrooms and Mental Health*

Are you interested in learning about the connection between mushrooms and mental health?* Keep reading to learn more about mushrooms and mental health.*

Mushrooms and Mental Health*

Functional mushrooms may support mental health because of their support of our nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and more.*

Functional mushroom, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) may support the heart.* While we may think of mental health being associated with the brain, other organs play a big role, too.* The heart is one of our most powerful energetic centers and plays a part in our emotional expression.* Ask people where in the body they feel their feeling, and they’ll tend to point to their heart space. Reishi may help support the physical and energetic heart.*

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Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) may support the nervous system.* This mushroom may have a naturally calming effect on the nervous system.* It is uplifting and may support a healthy mood.* Research has shown that Lion’s Mane contains Nerve Growth Factor, which may supports neural pathways.* It also may promote a sense of mental clarity, focus, and memory.* 

Beyond Mushrooms and Mental Health: Ways to Support a Healthy Mind*

Mental health is considered to many just as important as physical health. In addition to learning about mushrooms and mental health, there are many activities, practices and supplements that can support mental health.*

Exercise is one of them! One of the best things a person can do is get their body moving and establish a connection with their breath.* Try going for a walk in the woods, or a long run next time you feel down in the dumps. Even an hour-long yoga class or a short bike ride can help get the blood pumping and the negative thoughts moving.

Sleep is super important for our mental health. At night, when we are able to get into a deep sleep, our body is clearing out oxidative stress and metabolic waste from our body and our brain.* It helps us wake up clear headed, with enough energy to take on challenges that come our way.*

Finding community may promote feelings of belonging and connection.* It is great to find the people you feel comfortable being with and find support with. Community can come together around shared interests, location or outlook on life. Finding support groups, a trusted friend or a therapist can be incredibly helpful.

Eating right can support positive mental health.* New research is reaffirming that the health of our gut microbiome (the billions of bacteria that live in our large intestine) has major implications for our overall health, including our mental health.* The bacteria in our gut feed off of fiber or prebiotics.* They like a diet that is diverse in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to keep them healthy and fed.* Processed and fried foods, antibiotics, and chemicals like preservatives have a detrimental impact on the microbiome.*

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