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Maitake is a mushroom of many names. To the East, maitake is called “dancing mushroom” because people danced with joy upon finding it; maitake was a valuable commodity that was even offered as pay to shoguns. The mushroom also resembles a cluster of dancing butterflies. To anglophones, its pedestrian name is “hen of the woods,” and to scientists, it’s Grifola frondosa. Less common monikers are “sheep’s head” and “king of mushrooms.” Regardless of what it is called, maitake is an impressive combatant a variety burdensome illnesses. Read on to discover the awesome potentials of maitake mushroom supplement benefits—and shop for the best maitake and more medicinal mushroom tinctures, crafted with love in Western MA by Mushroom Revival!

Maitake Mushroom Supplement Benefits Range Far and Wide

Maitake is indigenous to Japan, Europe, Asia, and northeastern America. Known locations of maitake growth in Japan were called “treasure islands,” and were typically found where lightning had scarred a tree. Maitake grows in abundance, and an average cluster is the size of a volleyball. Its prevalence and scale reflect its medical applications in the human body.

One of the main maitake mushroom supplement benefits is that compounds in the beta-glucans of maitake can defend the body in a multitude of effective ways. One special compound it contains is called D-fraction. Identified by Japanese mycologist Hiroaki Nanba, this compound works against HIV/AIDS by enhancing helper T-cells, which are attacked by the virus. It has also shown to be a great adjunct to chemotherapy for breast, lung and liver cancer patients, as it reduces side effects and can increase the benefit of chemotherapy by 12-28%.

Maitake mushroom supplement benefits also include anti-tumor properties, its ability to boost immunity, as well as stimulating macrophages, which help fight infection. Studies testing maitake against prostate and bladder cancers display promising effects.

Obesity can also be combated by maitake, as it has shown to prevent a particular cell (C3H10T1/2B2C1 to be exact) from converting into adipocytes, a fat-storing cell. But maitake mushroom supplement benefits don’t end there. Maitake is also helpful for those with diabetes by increasing insulin production and controlling glucose levels. Similarly, it is effective in managing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies suggest maitake can inhibit effects on the production of lipids, and therefore may be able to lower cholesterol while maintaining good cholesterol levels. This a great natural remedy, since typical drugs that lower high cholesterol (LDL) in turn lower good cholesterol (HDL). For those with abnormally high blood pressure, maitake works especially well when combined with reishi and cordyceps sinensis.

Finding A Potent Maitake Supplement

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