Maitake Mushroom Supplement Benefits*: Available from Mushroom Revival

maitake mushroom supplement benefits

Discover Powerful Maitake Mushroom Supplement Benefits

Maitake is a mushroom of many names. To the East, maitake is called “dancing mushroom” because people danced with joy upon finding it; maitake was a valuable commodity that was even offered as pay to shoguns. The mushroom also resembles a cluster of dancing butterflies. To anglophones, its pedestrian name is “hen of the woods,” and to scientists, it’s Grifola frondosa. Less common monikers are “sheep’s head” and “king of mushrooms.” Regardless of what it is called, maitake is celebrated for its immune support in the body.* Read on to discover the awesome potentials of maitake mushroom supplement benefits—and shop for the best maitake and more mushroom tinctures, crafted with love in Western MA by Mushroom Revival!

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Maitake Mushroom Supplement Benefits Range Far and Wide

Maitake is indigenous to Japan, Europe, Asia, and northeastern America. Known locations of maitake growth in Japan were called “treasure islands,” and were typically found where lightning had scarred a tree. Maitake grows in abundance, and an average cluster is the size of a volleyball. Its prevalence and scale reflect its supportive applications in the human body.*

One of the main maitake mushroom supplement benefits is that compounds in the beta-glucans of maitake can support the body in a multitude of effective ways. One special compound it contains is called D-fraction. Identified by Japanese mycologist Hiroaki Nanba, this compound has been shown to have great supportive properties for many bodily functions.*

Maitake mushroom supplement benefits include promoting healthy immune system function, supporting the maintenance of normal blood pressure, and even offer support in healthy weight management.*

Finding A Potent Maitake Supplement

For anyone looking to incorporate this powerful mushroom into their diet to support immune function and other important bodilty functions, look no further than our supplements at Mushroom Revival. We offer dual extracted tinctures made from 100% organic fruiting bodies, tested and approved by a third party. In addition, we offer other mushroom extracts for even more full spectrum support.*