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Lion's Mane Effects*

Lion’s Mane Effects: 

The bearded, cognitive supporting mushroom.* 

You may have seen this bushy mushroom at your local farmer’s market, but its glory extends far beyond its lion-esque appearance. In the United States, Lion’s Mane is most commonly found in the South growing on logs, stumps, and decaying trees. Lion’s Mane is referred to as the first “smart mushroom” by mycologists for its unique capability to help support healthy cognitive function within normal ranges.* If you’re already sold on Lion’s Mane, our Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture carries all the goodness in a sublingual form. But if you’re curious about all of the potential benefits, read on, and you’ll find Lion’s Mane to bolster more than focus.* Lion’s Mane has been shown to help support a healthy cognitive function, mental clarity, focus, and even helps support gut health.*

Lion’s Mane Contains Erinacines and Hercinones: 

Lion’s Mane, scientifically named Hericium erinaceus, contains a host of benefits within its beard.* Its scientific name is derived from two of the most potent compounds that Lion’s Mane produces, hericenones and erinacines. 


It’s no wonder, then, why these mushrooms are considered to be such an important functional mushroom!* Now that we understand a bit about what makes Lion’s Mane so special, let’s dig into what great tangible effects Lion’s Mane may have.* 

Lion’s Mane May Help Support Cognitive Function:* 

As we’ve learned, Lion’s Mane may positively help support brain health.* If you’re looking for a way to promote neuronal health, a lion’s mane tincture may help maintain the survival of neurons, supporting brain health within healthy ranges.* 

May Help Support Focus:* 

Focus is the name of the game when it comes to Lion’s Mane. You could say that Lion's Mane’s main focus is….well, focus.* Many people are recently seeking help maintaining stable levels of attention, especially in work-from-home environments. Coffee is a popular drink among many seeking extra energy and focus, but Lion’s Mane’s effects may be a more sustainable and less jittery alternative.* If you’re looking to support your focus throughout a day full of zoom meetings, Lion’s Mane may be a great supplement to try incorporating into your routine.* 

Supports Healthy Moods:*

Because Lion’s Mane has been suggested to promote healthy nerve growth factors, the functional mushroom may help support cognitive function and promote mental clarity within healthy ranges.* Lion’s mane has also been suggested to promote stable moods throughout the day.* Its activation of neurogenic pathways that help new brain cells may help support healthy brain functioning.* 

Skin Care:* 

The glowing feeling that Lion’s Mane brings doesn’t stop at brain health, even skin-care gurus are turning to Lion’s Mane for its role in skin health.* But it’s not just radiant skin that Lion Mane supports, Lion’s Mane may also help support skin wound healing* 

May Help Support a Healthy Gut:*

An added benefit of Lion’s Mane is that the mushroom may be helpful in healthy digestive functioning within normal ranges.* Lion’s Mane may help support a healthy gut bacterial composition, and overall gut health.* If you’re interested in ways to support a calm, healthy gut, Lion’s Mane may be right for you.* 

Mushroom Revival’s Lion’s Mane Tincture may help support mental clarity, focus, and cognitive function within healthy ranges.* Our special blend of Lion’s Mane contains cinnamon as well, to help support circulation and give it a wondrous taste like a snickerdoodle cookie.* 

Written by Melody Pezeshkian


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