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Dried Cordyceps: How They're Made and How to Use Them

Health and Well Being with Dried Cordyceps*

Cordyceps militaris is a mushroom with potential to be used in a number of applications. From supporting energy and lung capacity, incorporating Cordyceps in your supplement regimen is a great way to support your body’s overall health and vitality, as well as promote healthy normal aging.* At Mushroom Revival, we use 100% fruiting bodies in our products — and Cordyceps play an integral role in the process of creating our wonderful mushroom supplements.

Mushrooms undergo several physiological and morphological changes after harvest, which makes them unacceptable for direct consumption. Because mushrooms tend to be extremely perishable post-harvest, taking the steps necessary to obtain dried Cordyceps is the best way to preserve them and prepare them for the next process.


History of Preserving Mushrooms

The ancient Egyptians believed that mushrooms were a gift from the God Osiris, and drawings of them can be found on the walls of temples, as well as on their clothing. Mushrooms have been consumed by humans for thousands of years, and to the Egyptians, were thought to support health and wellbeing.* The Chinese also considered mushrooms both a supplement and a food. Since drying is relatively easy, these ancient civilizations were able to enjoy mushrooms year round.

Dried Cordyceps: How Can We Utilize Them?

At Mushroom Revival, we use a dehydrator to ensure our cordyceps are completely dried before they are used to make our products. However, there are other ways to dehydrate them if you want to dry fresh cordyceps (or any mushrooms) at home! While it may seem tempting to throw them out in the sun, this tends to be a recipe for spoilage, and care should be taken if you decide to dry them at home. If drying outdoors is the desired method, the ideal way to do it is in the shade during low humidity days, preferably on wooden frames covered with polyethylene mesh. This will ensure that the mushrooms do not spoil.

Dried Cordyceps militaris has tons of uses. It’s certainly a great idea to use dried Cordyceps in the common, obvious ways — such as brewing them into a tea, making a tincture out of them, or putting them into capsules. No matter how you decide to use them, we think you’ll love Cordyceps. If you prefer a simpler approach to taking Cordyceps, try our 100% organic Cordyceps tincture, made only with fruiting bodies and never mycelium grown on grain.


**Update: We are no longer located in the Pioneer valley and have moved our operation to Austin, TX! A lot has changed with our production. Check out this podcast for our latest update!