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Interesting Turkey Tail Mushroom Health Benefits*

Interesting Turkey Tail Mushroom Health Benefits*

Turkey Tail is a beautiful and colorful mushroom that resembles its name. When you spot these striped mushrooms in the wild, you’ll be drawn in by their endless bands of color, ranging from white and brown to blue and gray. They truly look like the plumes of a wild turkey when they are proudly spread wide. Curious about Turkey Tail mushroom health benefits?* Let's run down the list of reasons to love this colorful mushroom.

Facts about Turkey Tail Mushroom

If you’re learning to identify mushrooms in their native habitats, you might as well start with Turkey Tail. Brightly colored and usually found in clusters of fuzzy fans, Turkey Tail grows on a variety of hardwood deciduous trees.

turkey tail mushroom health benefits
  1. They are native to Europe, Asia and North America, so you may be able to spot some on your next hike or trail run through a forest near you!
  2. Its Latin name is Trametes versicolor (but also known as Coriolus versicolor).
  3. Turkey Tail’s species name translates to “changeable in color” or “of a variety of colors.”
  4. Trametes translates to “one who is thin,” so this really is a clever name for Turkey Tail!
  5. Turkey Tail is a polypore mushroom, and they hold their spores in tubes.
  6. You really need to extract this mushroom to use it (and reap all the Turkey Tail mushroom health benefits*). They are too tough to chew and aren’t tasty.
  1. The swirling, cloudlike lines of the fan-shaped mushrooms inspired their Chinese name, Yun Zhi, which means “cloud mushroom. “
  2. In Japanese, Turkey Tail mushroom is known as kawaritake, or “mushroom by the river bank.”
  3. Turkey Tail happens to be one of the 10 mushrooms in our Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture*

The Top Turkey Tail Mushroom Health Benefits*

It’s a neat mushroom, isn’t it? Wait until you read about Turkey Tail health benefits!*

Turkey Tail has been used in China as far back as the Ming Dynasty, which began in the 14th century. Back then, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Herbalism used more than 120 strains of Turkey Tail mushroom. In TCM, Turkey Tail is usually consumed as a tea (which is one of the simplest types of herbal extractions). It was traditionally used to support the immune system and liver health, as well as supporting the upper respiratory, digestive and urinary tract.* In TCM, there’s no shortage of Turkey Tail mushroom health benefits!*

Check out what Turkey Tail has to offer with this nourishing Turkey Tail broth recipe!

May offer immune support.*

Turkey Tail is the number one most-researched mushroom in the world. It contains two specific powerful polysaccharides that have garnered great attention, PSP (polysaccharide peptide) and PSK (polysaccharide K).* PSK and PSP both promote a healthy immune system.*

Studies have found that PSK may support the immune system, including T cells that serve as a bridge between the innate and adaptive immune functions.* 


Prebiotic fiber

Prebiotic fiber may support healthy flora that resides within our digestive tract.* Turkey Tail and other mushrooms contain plenty of this type of fiber. Since so much of your immune system lives in your gut, Turkey Tail may support them both.*

Those are the top Turkey Tail mushroom health benefits — which one is your favorite? Follow our Instagram and keep the conversation about Turkey Tail going!

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