Simplify Your Health

Simplify Your Health

A 5-Second Wellness Routine To 10x Your Health

Harness the power of functional mushrooms to
support your energy, immune system, brain power, and kick occasional stress in the butt.

  • CALM

    Inmmune Function
    Ocassional Stress Adaptability
    Cardiovascular System Health

  • DAILY 10

    Inmmune Function
    Ocassional Stress Adaptability


    Mental Clarity - Focus Memory
    Cerebral and Cognitive Function
    Gut Health
    Nervous System


    Energy and Endurance
    Ocassional Stress Adaptability
    Athletic Performance
    Metabolic Function

  • Straight-Forward Use Icon

    Straight-Forward Use

    Squeeze twice, ingest, feel the results. It’s easier than anything you’ll do the rest of the day.

  • Focused Functionality Icon

    Focused Functionality

    Shop for a specific effect, get the specific effect.

  • A Healthy Habit Icon

    A Healthy Habit

    The perfect daily ritual, without any addictive side effects. (Your mom will be proud).

  • Carefully Created Icon

    Carefully Created

    We take care of all the science stuff, so you can experience the full benefit of ingredients.

  • “I found Mushroom Revival through a friend, tried it, and I’ve felt like my well-being is supported by using the formula regularly!”

    — Andrea F.
  • “I’ve been looking for ways to naturally focus as I approach my masters degree. Using it in my water before I get to work makes me feel like I’m zoned in and ready to focus right away.”

    — Rohit S.
  • “Mushroom Revival spoke to me because I can’t use CBD (bad reaction), so for similar, non-psychoactive results, I’ve been loving all my tinctures from here!”

    — Hannah B.


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